• [ 04/12/2013 ]

    Dear Jackson,
    First of all, on behaif of my team, would like to say a big thank you to you & your team
    for a very warm welcome and also taking care of us well during our trip in Hanoi
    Will plan again next year trip may be after Chinese New Year.
    Will keep you inform.
  • [ 05-12-2012 ]

    Hello Mr Giang!

    Very nice to hear from you, and I am sorry I did not write to you
    afterwards. About the video, this is the latest (revised...has some
    footage from the orphanage we visited in Ha Long). Is this the one you


    Please allow me to take this (belated) opportunity to say thank you
    very much for all your hard work, understanding, dedication, and
    oneness to make the World Harmony Run happen! It is OUR World Harmony
    Run! We had a really nice time there, and I really feel special love
    for Vietnam and people of Vietnam.

    Your kind offering of giving us the special ride around the lake was
    so sweet. Helping us (or only me?) bargain at the market was great,
    too. All my friends loved the gifts I brought back. We truly enjoyed
    the last evening in Hanoi.

    Yes, I hope we will have another opportunity to meet again and work
    together again!

    By the way I gave your business card to the Ikari\\\\\\\'s, the couple from

    All the best,
    With gratitude,

  • [ 09/03/2012 ]

    Hi Jackson,

     On behalf of all my kakies I would like to thank you for arranging a fantastic golfing holiday for us. Of the 4 courses, we like the King Island and Phoenix golf courses most. The dinners you have provided for us were fantastic.

     Thanks again for your care and organising.

     By the way am still waiting for your information on the other golf courses.

     Best regards,


  • [ Thursday, January 19, 2012 ]

    Hi Jackson

    I would like to thank you, Christina, Nam and the rest of your staff for making all my necessary arrangements for my stay in Hanoi to be a memorable one. Everything was planned for us very well and the level of service of excellent.

    One of the highlights of my trip was that I had taken a walk around Hoan Kiem in the morning and took a photo of the turtle in the lake. I would like to share it with you as I understand that it is quite lucky to see it whether it is on a photo or in real life.

    Once again thank you very much and I will be letting all my friends and acquantances know about your company should they want to travel to Vietnam.


    Siang Ter

  • [ 25/12/2011 ]

    Well done team!!!

     To interest parties:
    Let me first state that during my time living and working in Vietnam, I have either participated in, attended or photographed well over 300 events in Hanoi alone. That being said, I can honestly say I have not been to any event on the scale of what I saw for NAB\\\\\\\'s Gala Dinner. When I say scale, I do not mean size per se, as I have photographed Canada Day, corporate signing events, Festivals and the like, all of which were bigger, but none had the same sense of classiness and professionalism that the NAB event did.  It is clear to me, that the event organizers went out of their way to provide entertainment that was both unique and refreshing, again, none of which I have seen implemented well or at all in other events.

    Working in Vietnam, it has to be mentioned, is a challenge.  Considering language barriers, and the ways in which vietnamese work, it can be very frustrating to put on even the most basic of events.  To see what Choysis did over 3 days for NAb is truly staggering.  The activities were well thought out and fun, and the dinner, despite some technical difficulties was extremely proficient and entertaining.
    To balance the public speaking of the awards ceremony, with a full course dinner AND musicians, dancers and a martial arts performance, I would say it was one of the few first class events I have been a part of.

    Dave Lemke
    General Director for InContext Imaging and Dave Lemke Photography


    Cordelia Choy