VGA and EPGA to promote golf among youngsters
[ 10:26 - 27/06/2019 ]

The Viet Nam Golf Association (VGA) and the Els Performance Golf Academy (EPGA) — the first international golf academy in Vietnam — on Monday signed a co-operation agreement to promote golf among young people in Vietnam.

The Viet Nam Golf Association has signed an agreement with the Els Performance Golf Academy to promote golf among young people in Vietnam.

According to Vice Secretary of the VGA Pham Thanh Tri, The EPGA had been selected as a training centre for young golfers by the Viet Nam Olympic Committee. 

The EPGA organises monthly nine-hole tournaments, contributing to introducing and providing more chances for young Vietnamese players. 

The EPGA will work with the VGA to train professional golfers for the national team. 

At the signing ceremony, representatives from the EPGA said the academy would be a development canter for Vietnam’s national team. 

They pledged to support the VGA and the Viet Nam National Sports Administration in developing and organising training programmes for coaches. 

CEO of the EPGA Andrew Matthews said as the first five-star golf academy in Vietnam with modern facilities and equipment, the EPGA was honoured and proud to be working with the VGA to improve the quality of golf in the country. 

Trí appreciated the EPGA’s support, saying the collaboration would help develop the golf movement in Vietnam.

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