Top 5 the newest golf course in Vietnam
[ 08:51 - 23/04/2019 ]

Vietnam is now becoming a prominent Asian tourism destination. With the beautiful natural advantages and friendly people, Vietnam golf tourism has gradually conquered golfers at home and abroad.

Advanced golf course projects are being built and improved, bringing the number of Vietnamese golf courses to over 50.

UniGolf would like to share the top five newest golf courses in Vietnam:

– KN Golf Links (Cam Ranh)
– West Lakes Golf & Villas
– Harmonie Golf Park
– Hilltop Valley Golf Club
– Stone Valley Golf Course

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1.KN Golf Links – The most beautiful golf course in Asia

– Address: Located on the beach, adjacent to Cam Ranh International Airport

– Total area: 90 ha

– Holes: 27

Currently the golf course has completed 18 holes, the remaining are being completed. Expected to be operational in the third quarter of 2018

2.West Lake Golf & Villas – The first golf course in Long An province

– Address: No. 145, Provincial Road 822, Chanh Hamlet, Tan My Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province

– Total area: 120 ha

– Holes: 27

In October, the golf club will officially announce the addition of a new playground to the total of 50 golf courses that have come into operation in Vietnam.

3.Harmonie Golf Park

– Address: 469, Tran Ngoc Len, Dinh Hoa, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.

– Holes: 18

Harmonie Golf Park, designed by Jim Engh and recognized by IMG as “one of the best in Vietnam”. Only 01 hour drive from HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City, the golfers have been able to experience the famous golf course TifEgle Bermuda, challenging design in each hole golf course and fairway winding in front of beautiful natural scenery. (900×900)

4.Hilltop Valley Golf Club – Geleximco Hoa Binh

– Address: Dan Ha commune, Ky Son town of Ky Son district and Trung Minh commune – Hoa Binh city (Hoa Binh province)

– Total area: 199.2 ha

– Holes: 36

At present, Geleximco (the owner) has coordinated with agencies and people to carry out measurements, compensation for ground clearance, speed up the implementation of the project, prepare to welcome guests in next time.

5 Stone Valley Golf Course – Kim Bang Golf Course

– Address: Ba Sao town, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam

– Total area: nearly 200 ha

– Holes: 36

– Opening: 05/08/2019

– Open 18 holes from 02/09/2018

It is expected that in May 201919, the next nine holes will be officially put into operation, raising the total number of holes to 27 holes and other items of high-level facilities to meet the needs of Golfer.

As the leading travel agency of all Vietnam golf courses, UniGolf will send you the best golf prices of these new golf courses.

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