Halong Bay is in top 10 the best Landscape of Asia by Rough Guides
[ 05:16 - 09/03/2017 ]

By Rough Guides: Halong Bay is a featured combination of Limestore mountains, caves and beaches. The Name Halong belongs to the legend about Dragon. A strong Dragon came and spited beautiful Dragonballs to built safewall for the area. After a long time, the wall fall and become to Halong bay with majestic mountains today.




With Halong bay, top 10 by Rough Guides are:

-Rice terracedfield of Philippinses

-Archaeological Park Angkor Campuchia

-Volcano Kamchatka Russia

-History Centre Bukhara Uzbekistan

-History Relic Kyoto Japan

-Great wall China

-Railway in mountain India

-Gold Temple Dambulla Srilanka

-Tropical rain forest in Sumatra island Indonesia.

source: Quangninh tourism infornation Promotion Center

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