First “bulkhead” golf course in Vietnam - Vietnam MICE news First “bulkhead” golf course in Vietnam,
First “bulkhead” golf course in Vietnam
[ 08:53 - 30/03/2018 ]

The first bulkhead sty Sân bulkhead style đầu tiên của Châu Á tại BRG Đà Nẵng Golf Resort

This 2nd course of BRG Đà Nẵng Golf Resort is designed by Nicklaus Design and it will import all the woods, bulkhead materials in Florida, U.S. The new course is going to give golfers in Vietnam as well as in Asia a unique experience.

In golf, bulkheads are a type of retaining wall used to separate water in a water hazard or sand in a bunker from another part of the course. Most often they are used to separate the putting green from a water hazard in an effort to create a difficult condition where the water is very near to the green. They are usually made of wood and sometime constructed by using railroad ties.

By definition, a bulkhead is an obstruction and is covered under Rule 24. Normally, a player would be granted free relief from an obstruction when the ball lies on or in the obstruction or the obstruction interferes with the player’s stance or area of intended swing.


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